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An Intimate Gathering with Black Women Rising and Estée Lauder

Black Women Rising welcomed over 70 women to join them at an intimate event at Estee Lauder’s London headquarters.

This event was all about empowering women through a panel talk, makeup demonstration, and lunch followed with the opportunity to mix and mingle.

President of Estee Lauder (UK and Ireland), Sue Fox was there to welcome and speak to the women. This was followed by a panel talk led by Estee Lauder BCC Ambassador, Leanne Pero. She was accompanied by Leeanne Adu, Helena Boyce, Cheryl Johnson, Denise Mayhew and Michelle Griffith Robinson who gave a motivational speech to the guests.

The panel members talked about all different aspects of their journeys and how they have overcome different obstacles along the way. They spoke about the importance of inclusion, diversity and simply being seen.

After this inspiring talk, there was then a make-up demonstration done by celebrity make-up artist, Manu Mumin using Bobbi Brown products. This demonstration gave the women some tips and tricks for flawless brows, lashes, and other makeup looks.

The makeup demonstration was followed by lunch which also gave the ladies the chance to mix and mingle with the other members. Another special guest of the event was MP Dawn Butler who then gave her own chat and Q&A session.

Guests were given goodie bags filled with Bobbi Brown products courtesy of Estee Lauder.

Our goal was for the ladies to leave the event with their cups filled, feeling uplifted and happy. From the look on everyone’s faces we think it’s safe to say we have done just that and we are so grateful to have been given this opportunity to connect with our community.

Make sure to check our What’s On page on our website for all upcoming events.

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