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Breaking Barriers: The Powerful Play ‘Unseen Unheard’ Gives Voice to Black Women with Breast Cancer

Not being heard. Not listened to or taken seriously. Being brushed off and made to feel less than. This is the common experience of Black women and women of colour who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is what our play is hoping to change.

Bringing the untold stories of breast cancer in Black women to light, Unseen and Unheard will open on 27th April 2023 and will be presented by Theatre Peckham with four different showings.

Unseen Unheard is directed by Simon Frederick and Suzann McLean and written by Naomi Denny with the goal of empowering Black women to have informed conversations with their healthcare professionals and spread awareness of the needs and experiences of Black women living through breast cancer.

The play includes of cast of six women, Denise Pitter (Pauline), Yvonne Gidden (Sonya), Genesis Lynea (Lily), Adaona Anwa (Aliyah), Carol Moses (Dorah) and Laya Lewis (Ruth).

Audiences will be immersed into the lives and shared experiences of the characters as they watch the cast members come together on stage and share their journeys. A classic cosy and ‘having a chat with a close friend’ feeling is what viewers can expect from this play.

Our founder and CEO Leanne Pero states: “For long enough the voices of Black Women going through Breast cancer have been silenced and unheard and this theatre piece will be another way to connect with our communities, bring home the importance of cancer awareness and educate health care professionals of our individual needs. This collaboration has seen our members guide the writing, direction and execution of the piece alongside a stellar creative team - our hope is that this play will give rise to much needed discussion and influence positive change and outcomes of Black women going through a Breast cancer diagnosis."

The play has already generated newsworthy buzz and has been covered by publications such as The Guardian and The Voice.

Make sure to book your ticket before it’s too late. We can’t wait to share these powerful stories with you.

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